Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Pot of Successful Marriage

For couples who are engaged or newly wed, a White Bible Ceremony is a Christian alternative to games at a shower. A pot can serve as an object lesson for a successful marriage. Advice can be given by comparing a pot to a successful marriage. this advice should be based upon the Bible, Christain experts and some of their own. A pot can be compared to marriage because it must be made by humans. A pot is formed or sculpted. A marriage is formed by a man and woman. It takes a life time to make a successful marriage which makes it different from an artist pot. A pot may be made of metal or clay. A marriage is made of love, sacrifice, hopes, dreams, achievements and faith in God. A pot's design is based upon the artist's concept. A Christian marriage is based upon the principals of God. A pot can be passed on to generations as a treasured art object. A Family White Bible can be passed on to future generations with records of births, deaths, and important events. It can be a testament to the success of the marriage. Although a pot can be damaged and destroyed; marriage should avoid cracks through prayer and faithfulness.


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Eggerys and Marriage

During a White Bible Ceremony, eggerys can be compared to the characteristics of a successful marriage. The White eggery with the words Just Married reminds an engaged couple that they should keep their vows sacred and holy. They should not break their vows like eggs are often broken. A successful marriage is one that lasts until God calls one of the spouses home to Heaven. The Red eggery with a heart reminds the betrothed that they should fill their marriage with lots of love and affections. The Silver eggery represents the silver tongue of artful communication. The golden eggery with the cross reminds the couple that they should base their marriage upon God's Words of the Bible. Marriage takes a lifetime to achieve. The White Family Bible Presentation provides the basis upon which they can pray together and share family devotionals. It has a place for family records. They couple is challenged to plan to pass their Bible to future descendants just as finely crafted eggerys are passed from one generation to another. A ceremony is available from the author of this blog.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Bible Ceremony for Baby

Bible Ceremony for Baby

A White Bible Ceremony is used to honor couples who are engaged. When the first baby is expected or arrives, it is traditional to give a shower to the couple. People enjoy sharing parenting advice based upon the Bible. Members of a mission group are organization give the expectant mother and parent advice based upon experts, the Bible and some of their own. this Baby Bible Presentation is entitled: Children and Sculptures. A copy is available through the author of the blog. At the conclusion the couple is challenged to dedicate the newborn in front of a local church and a baby Bible is presented.

Refreshments may be served while the honored couple opens baby shower gifts. The shower cake was used at one of our baby Bible presentations/shower.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Boxes of a Successful Marriage

Boxes of Marriage

During a wedding ceremony, couples are challenged to have a successful marriage. Boxes can remind people of the characteristics of a marriage that lasts into eternity.A round box reminds us that marriage is intended to last until a spouse passes away. Rings are exchanged in ceremonies to remind the couple of their vow to make marriage last forever. Oak boxes remind us of the quality of durability. Marriages go through many trials and problems. A successful marriage is one that is based upon Christ and the principles of God’s Words. As a result it endures to the end. Boxes are designed to hold things to keep. A successful marriage contains honesty, fidelity, humility, sometimes sacrifice and always-agape love. Many boxes have been passed down through the generations and become heirlooms. In a White Bible Ceremony, a white family Bible is given to an engaged-couple for their daily devotions and prayer time. Like boxes it too can be based down through the generations to preserve the family record. This serves as a challenge to those who follow that they too should strive for a

successful marriage in Christ.

For a list of White Bible Ceremonies based on the scripture is available

from the author of this website.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Ornaments for a Successful Marriage

Many couples choose Christmas as a time for marriage. For those who would like to honor the engaged-couple a White Bible Ceremony with the ornament theme would encourage the man and woman to strive for a successful marriage. Couples who are respected by the honorees and who have been married different stages of life may give advice to them. Use the Bible ornament to advise the couple to base their marriage upon God's Words. Using a candle, the honorees might be challenged to allow Christ to light the path to decisions. A shield may challenge the couple to protect and shield their marriage through prayer. For a complete ceremony contact the author of this site. Serve Christmas refreshments after the ceremony.


Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Apples for a Successful Marriage

A White Bible Ceremony

If your group would like to honor an engaged-couple, why not use a White Bible Ceremony about apples. Use a silver basket filled with apples. Couples with successful marriages and married at various lengths of time may use an apple and compare it to marriage. Allow the speakers to share their own advice for a successful marriage so that it will not be eaten away and end in divorce. For more ideas and a ceremony contact the author of this website. Remember to promote Christian marriage based upon principles of the Bible. Discourage a marriage that is eaten away with distrust and failure. Present the honored couple with the basket and a White Family Bible.


Thursday, October 02, 2008

Soar To A Successful Marriage

Would you like to honor an engaged-couple that is interested in aviation? Help them to Soar To A Successful Marriage with a White Bible Ceremony. During the ceremony compare marriage to the plane. Advise them that successful marriage embodies God, is propelled by prayer and soars on the wings of love. Challenge them to follow the perfect fight plan that is laid out in God’s Words-the Bible. Use streamers hung on the wings to represent air currents that affect marriage. Present a family White Bible to the couple and encourage them to record their major events in life. Then pass the Bible on to the next generation.